Your Command Line needs more TREEs

I have no idea why I’m so excited about this. No idea whatsoever. Really. It’s not a useful tip. It’s more that I feel like the 23-year-old that I am suddenly discovering a notebook that has been under his bed since he was 5, only to open it to realize that Page 1 has a shopping list of his mom from 1995, and the rest is empty. It’s that kind of excitement.

So, while watching user RogueAmp on YouTube today, specifically the video where he calls a fake Tech Support Company that tries to persuade you your system is full of viruses and that you should play them sums upwards of $99.99, I realized this amazing thing:

The Windows Command Line native command-set has a program called “tree”! And what does tree do? It displays the current drive’s contents AS A TREE (boom!) with nice ASCII art to match.

The tree command in action.

Beauty beyond words.

No need for Windows Explorer. We have tree now. My life is complete.

P.S. Mental note: Do not drink that much coffee in one day.

P.S.2 Do visit rogueamp’s channel. I love his videos and how he tries to tackle malware left and right, adding his fun personality to the mix.


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