Downloading/Editing/Compiling an Open-Source App (Visual Studio, Git)

So, I see that my blog is the one place I forgot to announced that I’ve accepted the position of Software Engineer at 2K Sports to work with the NBA 2K team. Oh well. So, yeah, that’s pretty much it. Expect more about that soon. (I’m really excited about it, magnitudes more than this first paragraph shows, but this is not exactly the reason for this post.)

However, not everyone took that too well. There’s a lot of people using the tools I created for NBA 2K12 and 2K13, and they’re disappointed to see me go and stop developing game-specific tools (other tools like NBA Stats Tracker and Hex on Steroids I’ll still work on as a hobby whenever time allows). However, since all my work is open-source, there’s nothing stopping you, any of you, to grab the source code, edit it to your heart’s content, compile and re-release. There’s even a project that I know people were waiting for, namely Roster Workshop, which was to be 2K13’s equivalent of last year’s Roster Merge & Repair, improved and with a whole lot of new features, that never got released with how things turned out. Still, nothing stopping you from releasing it and keeping on working on it. Any of my tools.

So, with that in mind, I wrote a tutorial to showcase how to use the free version of Visual Studio and GitExtensions to download any of my projects from GitHub and compile them. There’s no prior programming knowledge required; I feel the tutorial is pretty clear. I may write some more parts to it, showcasing forking the project to make your own version of it, or how to contribute back, but I feel there’s plenty of Git tutorials around for me to reinvent the wheel with yet another one. You might ask why I wrote this one then; answer is, I wanted something as barebones as possible, to make sure even the less knowledgeable of users could just download and run any of my tools, even from source code form.

Alrighty then. With no further ado, here’s the tutorial!


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