RegistryKey.GetValue() returns null on existing values

I encountered a very curious issue today, as a user of one of my tools complained that the tool was crashing because of an access to an uninitialized field. Because of the error reporting system in all my tools that gives the user the stack trace to pass on to me, I saw that the line that was causing the crash was a GetValue() on a registry key and value, that the user insisted existed. So, looking around StackOverflow, I noticed that if you compile to x86, you may have issues accessing some keys and values in the registry, because Windows may give you the wrong Registry view by default (I guess Windows gives a different view to 32-bit applications that the one it gives to 64-bit ones). I was accessing the keys by using OpenSubKey() on Registry.CurrentUser, but I guess that gives me whatever registry view Windows wants to give me.

So, given that there’s two RegistryViews, I thought I should change my GetRegistrySetting() and SetRegistrySetting() code to try both. Once I did, the problem was gone. Read on for the code that is part of my LeftosCommonLibrary set of tools, or just view the file that contains the code below in GitHub.

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