Fix for “Automation Server Can’t Create Object” (Updated)

Updated to include sample .REG file of solution. Read on.

I love foobar2000. I absolutely love it. It’s lightweight, straight-forward, and so customizable it’s ridiculous. I loved it even more when I found out spotifoo (a skin for foobar2000), which although now a couple of years old, does everything I want (including scrobbling, play count and love) and still has a very uncluttered and space-effective interface. However, recently, and with no indication as to what caused this change, when I started up foobar, most of the panels of the spotifoo skin were replaced by an “Aw, crashed! :(” message, and I was getting multiple errors about an unexpected script issue. I checked the console, and it was full of “Automation Server Can’t Create Object” errors. I have been trying to find a solution for this for weeks, I even switched to MusicBee for a while; but I HAD to get my foobar2000 back. Finally, I’ve just found the solution, but it’s in no way an elegant one.

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